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HPP: Hyperbaric pasteurization

High Pressure Process

Pascalization (High Pressure Processing) is a food processing method that consists in submitting previously packed in flexible and airtight packaging products to a high level of hydrostatic pressure (between 4.000 and 6.000 bars) for a few minutes.

The pressure applied to the juices is similar to drop them 60km into the deep ocean.

Unlike traditional juices which are pasteurised more than once, HPP technology doesn’t ever submit the product to high temperatures. Characteristics::

  • It preserves flavour, smell, colour and nutrients.
  • It doesn’t modify the chemical composition of food.
  • Cold temperature and no pressure gradients.
  • No thermal technology.

Thanks to our innovative technology, we will create a new high quality premium juice / smoothie at a competitive price suitable for all ages.