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    Baby Food

    Our experience and our research and development department allow us to offer baby food products of the highest quality and the perfect packaging for this product, the pouch.



Our policy is to constantly adapt to our customers' needs and this has led us to expand our product line by acquiring the thecnology to pack products in pouches.

The pouch is an innovative, functional and fun so it appeals to both adults and to children.

Its structure is compact, and the materials used ensure solidity and lightness; the drinking straw, welded on the inside, supports the direct consumption of the product in a simple, safe and especially hygienic way.
The range of our packaging is divided into: Cheerpack and Doypack suited to satisfy the most varied demands of the market.

In this case the Doypack is characterized by:

  • More appreciated in smaller formats, where the stability of the container is a factor highlighted
  • Stability and balance
  • Closure cap centered.
  • Available in various capacities (from 70 ml to 250 ml)
  • Several formats for plugs and nozzles
  • Laminate in two, three or four layers
  • With / without barrier
  • With / without aluminum